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A Story of Weaving the Magic of Herbs and Plants into Daily Life

Variety of potted herbs

Hello, come on in and sit down with your favourite cuppa tea.  I have a little story for you.  There was once a little girl with big dreams of being a writer and living a life loving words and bringing stories to life like Anne in Anne of Green Gables or Emily in Emily of New moon.  She would dive in to the pages of these stories and want to live a simple life of being out in the woods listening to the trees creak, gathering wildflowers for display, tea or first aid, taking care of neighbours and friends while also telling stories to children around the fireplace to inspire awe and wonder.

This little girl grew older, and she realized that that this life wasn’t as easy or as accessible as she had hoped.  She grew more tired and less able to do all the things people her age normally did, she was sick often and if not sick she was in an endless time of recovery rarely having a day where she felt she could keep up with life.  Simple things like getting dressed in the morning had her napping after, taking care of her family and house next to impossible. Seeking the help of physicians was cruel.  They laughed at her, rolled their eyes, said it was all in her head even though she had witnesses saying otherwise. 

She realized then that she needed to seek help from within.  She began reading and researching every chance her body gave. In her love of learning from books and others stories she came to understand that she is not alone on this journey towards health.  She found allies in plants and their medicine.  She collected other people’s stories and applied their journey to hers.  Some paths helped and some paths didn’t quite fit.  It took time, patience and a lot of looking deep inside to find answers but she made progress.  Slowly she tried one plant ally and then the next.  She sat with them, learning about them, tasting and creating with them, getting to know them.  They slowly infused themselves into her daily life.  She reached for them when she cooked, and when she cleaned. She reached for them when she made teas, and when she made medicine.  She reached for them when her children were sick, and when she needed more joy.  She reached for them when she needed energy, and when she was anxious.  Her plant allies wove a tapestry of increasing health and energy into her life.

Beautiful dried herbs and fruit being infused in water for tea

This is my story of how the magic and medicine of plants and herbs helped me to become healthier. I realize that while I am not the writer I had so dreamed of being, I do have a story to tell that may help others.  I also have knowledge that I wish to teach on how to infuse your life with the healing power of nature even if it is just one small step at a time. Join me on my plant journey and perhaps you can start your own.

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