September: The Perfect Time for Drinking Immune Boost Tea

Updated: Mar 9

Back to school already with cooler days beginning and the leaves starting to change colours while new after school routines develop with a busier schedule. Being stuck indoors more in closer contact with more people and more germs, so no wonder it is the beginning of the dreaded cold season. So what can you do to help your immune system have a fighting chance? I say turn to tea, herbal and fruit infusions.

Tea comes from the plant camellia sinensis, which includes green, oolong, black, white and pu’erh. Tea is high in antioxidants that help get rid of free radicals in the body and prevents oxidative stress that causes health issues. Herbal and fruit infusions include any herbs, spices or fruit steeped in the same way as tea. In this case you gain the benefits of any herbs, spices or fruit that you may add. Then there is infused tea, where both are combined.

Today we are looking at Immune Boost an herbal infusion available here at Herbal Twist Tea that combines fruit and herbs that may boost the immune system and help combat those autumn bugs. The ingredients were each chosen for the specific benefits listed below:

Elderberry- may boost the immune system and the gastrointestinal system, said to alleviate respiratory conditions

Rosehips- high in vitamin C, may boost immune system and treat infections