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How I Follow the Flow of Nature for Winter

Snow is gently falling, the temperature keeps dropping and layers upon layers are needed in order to stay warm. Okay, okay so winter isn't always picture perfect. The snow looks so beautiful until I have to shovel it or clear it from my car. I love my sweaters and scarves that I started pulling out in autumn but now I need to dress in five different layers just so I don't get frostbite. How, oh how do I flow with the trying yet still so beautiful season of Winter!

Slowing Down

I know, I know, this is a difficult thing to do especially when Christmas is coming, but it's an important one. Our bodies aren't meant to

be going full tilt all of the time. We are meant to slow down and replenish during the cold winter months. Trees do, think about it, they slow down and don't grow, their sap thickens and moves slowly, they drop their leaves to preserve energy, and their energy pulls down and in. Plants do to, their leaves and flowers die off and their energy pulls down to Mother Earth.

This one is definitely one of the hardest steps to take and I definitely don't skip out on obligations such as my daughter's dance schedule. I slow down by taking time out for small things.

Every day I have a tea ritual. I take down my tea pot and fill it with hot water to warm it then I fill my kettle with fresh water and turn it on to boil. Next, I check my tea cupboard to decide what tea I will make for this special time. Sometimes it's a blend that's ready and sometimes I create something with single herbs just for that time. As I'm putting my herbs into my infuser I smell each one, sometimes I smell several teas before I find the right one. Usually by the time I've chosen what blend I'd like the kettle has boiled. I pour the fresh boiled water in the teapot and set it aside to steep. While waiting for the tea to be ready I either choose a snack or a book to read and I am already calm and setting the pace of slowing down.

Finding a ritual or winding down routine that works for you may be as simple as taking the time to be in the moment while making a cup of tea.

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