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A beautiful flower teacup full of Herbal Twist's Apple Pie Tea displayed with a wooden scoop of the ingredients and a bag of the tea.

Discover Herbal Twist Tea, your go-to destination for a wide variety of herbal teas, tinctures, and other herbal creations, accompanied by expert guidance from Melissa, our herbalist, through personalized wellness consultations.

Chinese Medicine

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Sit down with Herbalist Melissa to discuss health concerns so she can build a plan to bring your body back into balance with lifestyle changes and herbal allies.

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Yellow Tea

Sit, Sip and Learn! While reading our blog to learn about the herbs we use and why we use them.

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About Us

Sit, Sip and Unwind

Herbal Twist Tea is located in the small town of Alsask, Saskatchewan where we handcraft organic loose leaf tea in small batches with a focus on how each creation will help with health and wellness while not sacrificing ... 

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Rosy Chocolate Chai

Tea of the

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