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10 Things I Love About Autumn

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

When the trees leaves begin to change colours, the air shifts into crisp coolness and sweaters are hugged tight. Autumn is a time to slow down and get comfortable. Some say it’s time to settle, whether that be into a new routine or to just let our minds and bodies slow down. Here are my top 10 things I love about Autumn:

10. Silly but going outside with little to no mosquitoes.

9. Gathering the end of the garden harvest and finishing up canning the rest of the fresh bounty,

then moving on to making jams and jellies.

8. Sweaters. They are so comfy and cozy I just can’t resist snuggling in or wrapping close around


7. Outdoor and indoor fires. I want to say that summer fires are fun, but autumn fires are what

dreams are made from. Sitting cozy with my warm cuppa tea, a blanket and book in front of a

fire on a crisp autumn afternoon is exquisite in my world.

6. Falling leaves. I love walking or driving

down a road in autumn when the wind

changes directions and picks up red,

orange, yellow and brown leaves twirling

them in every direction.

5. Long meandering walks in the colourful,

and wonderfully scented forests with my

fur babies.

4. Sitting down with close friends over a cuppa hot tea.

3. New herbal courses to learn from.

2. Thanksgiving with all the wonderful aromas of food and baking in the kitchen for weeks before

and all of it coming together in a warm and welcoming event with family and friends.

1. Seeing the joy in my daughter’s eyes as she starts her dance classes for the year and learns new


What are some of your favourite things about Autumn? Leave a comment or email me your answers to

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